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What is balance?

Difference of opinion

In this section we discuss the top of business ownership and the important value of balance. As a therapist we can unstand the balance in our clients lives, although do we misunderstand the value in our own? Real along to discover more.

What is balance?: Project

What do you value

When the administrative tasks begin to pile on, the value of balance becomes vital in the survival of the Occupational therapy business owner. Participant 3 stated, “it's important to try to establish a routine and habits early on, so that when it gets a little bit tougher to have the routine and habits you've already established it. So it's easier for you to try to stay in that pattern, to honor your personal. Time and time off of work.” Valuing and honoring the owners time is key to success.  Setting up those boundaries to keep the focus on the growth of the business and not wearing oneself too thin. A common trend received from the interviews was the inability to balance, especially during the initial stages of ownership. Participant 3 mentioned, “I missed a lot of things. Towards the middle of my startup journey I missed was being able to workout and go to the gym consistently, have my break from sitting at the computer.” In correlation with the survey data from the non-business owners Identify the factors that might lead to business owner dissatisfaction, 54.8% of the participants stated occupational imbalance as a possible contributing factor.

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