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Support System

What is the true value of having a support system in the art of business ownership?

As human beings we know there is a value to social atmosphere. As a business owner there too is an important value to the business ownership process.

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Going into business ownership might not be for everyone, but for those interested it can be a challange. From not knowing the barriers to understanding them and still not being able to address the financial, emotional, or circumstantial need.

Having a solid support system, seemed to be a major contributing factor in the experience of business ownership. A study performed by Alex Heumann OTD 2022 discussed the perceived and actual barriers with business owners through (13) interviews, the following quotes are from those interviews.

The  intimidation of ownership in the beginning tends to create a fear in many of the clinic owners, participant 6 “When you start a business, you're putting some money into something before you get paid for it.”  Therefore a support system becomes more of a need than a want. On the topic of financial support participant 2 stated “I'm fortunate enough to have, you know, a husband that makes him enough money to support us. So it takes a lot of the stress off of me and so my business. It becomes my business and is very pleasurable because I'm not stressed about the income behind it.” Many of the participants stated the financial support in the initial stages was a major contributing factor to the initial stages into business ownership.

Along with the financial support the family any friends were also a influence in the business owners emotional well being. Participant 5 left her prior job and stated “I would say like also my old Coworkers they saw me leave but they were still totally supportive.” When leaving a business and starting solo it can be important to have a support system.

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