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Is there such thing as perfect?

This section we delve into the topic of mentorship. Is there a true value to it? As the support system discussed the value of family, the mentor ship process is similar. Although is difficult to find the right fit? The value of mentors is discussed in this section.

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Finding the right fit

Rome was not build in one day and neither will a therapy business

The need for mentors during the ownership process was an all-encompassing, yes from the interview participants. The surveys presented with an 87.1% value for the belief that there is a important need for mentorship during the business ownership process.

When the question was asked to the business owners during interviews, many of the therapists agreed with the concept to have a mentor. Not all of them had one during the process but all of them agreed upon the value and impact mentorship can provide.  

The results demonstrate the importance of finding a mentor during the business ownership process. Although it is also important to find the right fit mentor. Participant 13 stated, “As an immigrant who did not grow up here, it is definitely challenging being able to find a mentor who I could identify with, like even at school. All most of the mentors were older men.” As this is one therapists experience, it is important to discuss the importance to not only find someone to guide the potential business owner but learn from someone that can connect to our identity and personality.

Interview and Survey results gathered from Entrepreneurship and OT, Alex Heumann OTD, 2022.

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