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Initail leap into the unknown of business

A Real Success

The real success could be based on the privileges provided or a barrier due to something not provided. From the interviews taken, we discussed the topic of the initial stages of business ownership.

Business Conference
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Leap into the unknown

Many of the interviewees stated their reasoning for entering into business ownership was to obtain the freedom that being self-employed provided. Participant 13 on the discussion of autonomy v. financial stability, “Autonomy in terms of me being able to make my own decisions is definitely, I think, more important than financial stability… because that's the work culture that I want to create is being established, and yes, money is important, right? But that's not the sole focus of what my business.” Which presents the value of being able to create a foundation that is built upon societal need and personal direction. For some it might be the ability to achieve the work culture, for others it might be to serve the greater population. As demonstrated by participant 3:

What I'm putting out into the world, whether it's a product or service, is meaningful to people. Then eventually I should be able to achieve financial stability. But my number one priority is basically taking this risk and being able to follow this mission. And with that, that choices autonomy.

The goals might be different for each business owner but the freedoms business ownership presents is a common trend, the autonomy takes precedence over the financial need.

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