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Having what it takes

Nature vs Nurture

Can how a person is raised determine the success of that person or are there ingrained business ownership traits? Also, we touch upon the topic of identity and how that can also play a major factor. Read along to discover what the study presented .

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The interviews addressed the personality traits desired by those business owners that have found success. The traits mentioned most often were: Confidence, willingness to learn, able to delegate tasks, ability to reflect, optimistic, professional, and have the ability to invest in things that make the business owners life easier.

Self-confidence piece is so important, even at times when you're OT student, you get lost in the shuffle of things. There may be like an exam or quiz that you take and you probably bomb it and then you're like, Oh my gosh, end of the world in my OT career and your career to even started yet. So the best piece is really having good self-confidence.

Participant 12

While others find the greater value in “being an independent thinker and intrinsically motivated, I would say are probably the top traits that you need to have that because you're only achieving things for yourself, like there's no boss calling and saying you need to get this done” (Participant 9). When comparing the two of confidence and intrinsic motivation, both are high quality traits addressed for a self-employed professional. On top of all those valuable quality traits and lessons, there presents a high importance in the work-life balance.

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