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Healthy Human Therapy is aimed to help Occupational Therapists interested in business ownership. We customize our offerings based on specific needs, so get in touch today.

Entrepreneurial mindset
Entrepreneurial mindset

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Survey says...
Survey says...

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Entrepreneurial mindset
Entrepreneurial mindset

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All About Healthy Human Therapy

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Fast, efficient, and honest, Healthy Human Therapy is an Occupational Therapy Service provided to educate OT business owners. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels.


Facts & Figures


OT school preparation

This is percent of OTs that felt OT graduate school did not prepare them to discuss insurance rates


Leadership quality: Communication

Occupational Therapists claim that a top quality trait of most business owners is communication



The percent of liscensed OTs that feel there is a vital need for mentorship during the business ownership process.



Showcase of Work

Information to follow gathered by Alex Heumann's capstone project,  which included interviews from 13 different OT business owners and 31 different OT non-business owners. The questions for both the survey and the interview was based upon the research question-

"What are the perceived and actual experiences of OTs in relation to entering private practice?"

Interview and Survey results gathered from Entrepreneurship and OT, Alex Heumann OTD, 2022.

Approved on Jan 25 2022.45 CFR §46.104, CA IRB (#OTD-1207-017)

Initail leap into the unknown of business

A Real Success

The real success could be based on the privileges provided or a barrier due to something not provided. From the interviews taken, we discussed the topic of the initial stages of business ownership.

Business Conference

Support System

What is the true value of having a support system in the art of business ownership?

As human beings we know there is a value to social atmosphere. As a business owner there too is an important value to the business ownership process.

Father Playing with Daughters


Is there such thing as perfect?

This section we delve into the topic of mentor ship. Is there a true value to it? As the support system discussed the value of family, the mentor ship process is similar. Although is difficult to find the right fit? The value of mentors is discussed in this section.

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Business vs Therapy

Whats the true difference?

This section delves into the topic of business ownership as a therapist.
Understanding the crucial steps of a business owner, that could make or break the progress of a business. Read along to learn about the lived experiences from business owners.

Business Meeting

I seek the control

Whats your vision

The study presented a interesting conversation as to why someone would enter into business ownership comparing the topic of autonomy to financial stability. Read along to discover what the results demonstrated.

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Having what it takes

Nature vs Nurture

Can how a person is raised determine the success of that person or are there ingrained business ownership traits? Also, we touch upon the topic of identity and how that can also play a major factor. Read along to discover what the study presented .

Nature Tokens